Information Technology Consulting and Management

HardwarePeripherals Con 1RKCP Computing Solutions provides a wide variety of IT Consulting and Management services.  With over 20 years of business experience, KCP Computing Solution's lead staff bring a unique combination of strengths in network design and implementation, small business management, accounting, business consulting, software implementation, technical support, and team leadership.  Our staff members have an outstanding record of proven success in Information Technology restructuring, defining project scope of work, man-hour requirements, scheduling, budgets and project management.  We can provide critical on-going analysis of projects to determine the impact of the changes on the client's operations, thereby pro-actively mitigating potential problems.

    1520bd23 5fea 4560 84ee f9ca4d63752d Con2L We know the "in and out" of small businesses and can help you develop a plan that will perform to your specific needs.   We can provide long-term planning for the future growth of you company and it's networking requirements.  We make sure that you are truly involved in the decision making process about your network.  We always make the recommendations that we feel are the best for your business and your network, but we also understand that there are times when you can't or don't want to make those additions or changes now.  We will work with you and inform you about the pros and cons of any recommendations to your system.  If we see a potential problem, we will tell you about it and discuss what should be done to correct it.

     You know your business best and we know how to listen.  Together we can make your network a better tool to help you manage your business.

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Our Implementation Services Include:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Hardware and Software evaluations and network planning
  • Hardware and Software selection, acquisition and installation and set up
  • Client/server installation expertise
  • Software configuration and installation
  • Employee training
  • Web design
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