Emergency Support

ErrorEmergency Services

     At some point your network is going to have a serious problem.  We offer emergency response for "downed" servers & desktop systems.   We offer reasonable rates for this emergency response service, which is outside of our normal business hours.  We don't demand you purchase a block of time for us to respond to your emergency.  That's just not how we do business.

     Each of our customers realizes that sooner or later they will experience some type of emergency network situation.  If we have to reschedule a routine service call or cut one short to take care of another customer's emergency, they understand that someday they to will also need us to be there for them.

     We'll do whatever we have to do to get your network back up and running.  We will work with you to solve whatever problems you have, and if we see anything else that needs changed, updated, or improved, we'll let you know about it. 

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